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I’ve seen many start out on fire, quickly die off, then those that roll along through life, seem to have a following, if you will.

Many love on, support, always have their backs. Then they’ll be those that seem to struggle so hard. Certain of the direction the lord has called them, and zero support they’ll seem to receive.
But regardless, they keep pushing forward.

Listen man, whether you are on a church roll, or Church payroll, have a friends list a mile long, or go completely unnoticed throughout life, GOD absolutely has a plan and a purpose for you, and HIS direction, and HIS plan will always be fulfilled, if you’ll just stay the course.

The whole friends list doesn’t mean much in the eyes of GOD. Social media is a outlet for Ministry, great way to reach folks. But the gas station parking lot is pretty good too, ask me how I know.

So here’s the deal...........

When the sun sets, lights go out, and it’s you, all alone, in a king size bed, looking at the ceiling, at that moment is when it truly hits home that the absolute only thing that really matters is your relationship with the LORD, and are you following HIS plan for your life, that’s it.

Doesn’t matter what church roll you’re on, or what church payroll, and it means zero to the lord who gets credit, if it ain’t HIM.

I’ve got a friend I used to know, who’s is in public service. She sees many different people each day, and some of the best ministry opportunities, and best ministry stories I’ve heard, and they never got published, put out there, and nobody knows.........but she keeps going, and keeps doing what the LORD has directed, set up, and ordained. Her job ? Yes sir/Yes mam.................

But what goes on behind closed doors, and unnoticed, well it is waaaaaay far above, and beyond her job, it’s GOD's work. And me being in ministry, I got to see what GOD was doing, and how he was working.

Sadly, I ALSO watched how the devil was always trying to distract, discourage, destroy, and to be straight up honest, I watched how the devil tried to get her to quit. See he knows GOD's plans, and what is happening, and will not let up on that “discouraging” part. Truthfully the harder you try, the harder it gets, ask me how I know. lol.

But regardless.........

No support if you will, no limelight, and no ticker tape parade, just GOD smiling down upon, she kept going.

Some ministry goes noticed, some doesn’t. Some gets funded, most don’t.

Some believe in you, many won’t.

But if GOD has told you to roll this, or that direction, then you better get rolling Mr.

Just don’t get hung up on the thought, and lie from hell of “GOD won’t use me” cause I don’t have a buncha cheerleaders on the side line.

I don’t need 6 front row preachers, all screaming amen at me, for me to keep pushing, that ain’t me.

GOD will use you, GOD definitely has a plan for you, and it will be fulfilled, whether you have mans support or not.

Happy Full Throttle Saturday 😎

<![CDATA[Weathered and Worn.]]>Fri, 20 Sep 2019 20:02:35 GMThttp://fullthrottleministries.com/full-throttle/weathered-and-wornPicture
As I walked through the garage this morning, heading out to put meat on the smoker, for a friends wedding tomorrow, I glanced over and noticed this ole helmet sitting in my bike.

Funny how the LORD directed my eyes towards it.

It’s been my only helmet since my first Harley, and this sticker has been on it, from new.

Just like me it’s worn, faded, scuffed up & ruffed up. It’s been dropped, bounced around, left in the box, when it SHOULD have been used. It’s been wet, hot, and forgotten. It’s been loaned out, and it’s been returned.

I’ve made deals with GOD, and broken promises. I’ve cried tears that the hot ole summer sun, and 90 mph winds wouldn’t dry up.

I’ve almost died with that thing on, and a time or two, never felt so alive.

Spread my best friends ashes for a family, at 120mph in the middle of nowhere, looked ahead, and swore I’d never look back, and I went and did it again.

So many roads in life yet untraveled, and some I don’t care if I ever go down again.

Living to die, or dying while trying to live, to be honest I really don’t know.

So many things I’ll just never understand this side of heaven and I’ve sure got a lot of questions about stuff, stuff I’ll just never understand.

But as I was reminded at 5:00am this morning, by a old weathered sticker, on a makeshift helmet............JESUS really is the reason I go, and HE is the reason I do what I do.

Sometimes our answers are right in front of our eyes, all along.

People pleaser, or GOD's plan fulfiller you are. No other way to put it.

Jeremiah 29:13

Happy Full Throttle Friday 😎

<![CDATA[GOD Knows That Heart]]>Fri, 20 Sep 2019 19:57:18 GMThttp://fullthrottleministries.com/full-throttle/god-knows-that-heartPicture
It was a great day, we had played two shows back to back, and man we were rocking.

Not really so, ALL lies.

But hey in the picture I’m really playing, right ? NO.

Although I did know which end of the stick to hold, that’s about as far as it went. My son now, completely different story.

I had helped him move equipment back to the college, and this happened. I found the picture last night. I was carrying on with a friend about being a drummer, which I definitely ain’t.

Sometimes pictures can be deceiving, and they don’t tell the whole truth. Much like a mirror, it doesn’t tell the heart.

Set it all up, snap the photo, and send it baby !

That seems to be how we roll through life these days, all about that image. Doesn’t seem to matter about the inside, as long as it looks good, we good........right ? Absolutely completely wrong !

1 JESUS, 1 reason. Ministry, direction, focus, are ALL changing for me.

Everything has a season, and as we grow, we seem to see things in a different light. And grateful I am for the ones who GOD has sent along my little path, to help guide my way. Even the minister needs ministering to on occasion.

So regardless of that outside appearance, or the way things may, or may not appear in my life, or anyone else’s walk.........GOD knows that heart, and what lies beneath the surface.

Hey, although it looks like I am a drummer, which I ain’t, I do without question know what GOD has told me, and instilled in my heart for Ministry, and HIS direction.

So a little beat up, battered, bruised and scarred I may be, but the ship ain’t sinking baby, just weathering the storm, same as you.

So a word from a bearded preacher man, who can still hang.............Slow down on the trying to figure it all out part, and listen to the LORD. For HE knows the heart, and will guide your every step, if you’ll only let HIM.

Proverbs 21:2
Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the Lord pondereth the hearts.

Happy Full Throttle Thursday 😎

<![CDATA[I Love To Eat.]]>Wed, 18 Sep 2019 18:10:17 GMThttp://fullthrottleministries.com/full-throttle/i-love-to-eatPicture
I know I don’t much look like it, with my figure and all, but I do. I mean, I basically do it every single day, sometimes a couple times a day.

So..........I decided to put something on for supper, early this morning. I look at the cap, as I was about throw it away, and this........

What a true statement it is. I’ve even had some good conversations over bad food lol.

But look back over my life, and growing up, family dinners at my Granny Partin’s at Christmas, my own home growing up, and then my own family meals.

So much has changed over the years of my life, and recently more so.

People get old, people die, people just sometimes take different roads in life. The dinning room table isn’t as important in families as it once was, I suppose. Even by myself, I still sit there and me, myself and I will have good conversations

Grateful I am that I can cook, love to cook, and love to share with folks.

I enjoy watching them eat, but more so watching the conversations that are going on in the midst with all the laughter, and smiles.

So through a simple lid, that I almost threw away, and never noticed the message sent to me, and maybe you to as a good reminder............Make a date, set a time, order, cook, or whatever you have to do, and enjoy the good conversation that’ll take place, if it’s a fight ? Get your butt up and leave, I ain’t got time for all that jazz anymore. Man I’m a cool 47 years old, I’m running outta time!

Enjoy the meal, and enjoy the best conversations ever, after all it’s your life man....Live it😎

<![CDATA[Brand New Day, Brand New Thought]]>Wed, 18 Sep 2019 18:05:09 GMThttp://fullthrottleministries.com/full-throttle/brand-new-day-brand-new-thoughtPicture
I always get a kick out of how we clean out, give away, and donate our "stuff" to the thrift store, shelters, churches or whatever else. We always feel so good about helping out someone else, who may be in need.

But fact is we only "give" what we no longer want. It’s a sad, but a humbling truth.

Don't give away what no longer fits you, and fact is probably never will again.

Now it goes completely against what the world will tell you, but give away the best you have. How about giving our nicest clothes, furniture and possessions ?

Isn’t it amazing how we don’t have just one nice thing, we have hundreds. Now I’m not talking about big, fancy expensive things, although that does apply to some, I’m just talking about basic simple nice, personal things we wouldn’t put a price on.

Kinda like I heard a preacher say once about a Bible ..........A man shouldn’t be allowed to have two, until at least everyone on earth had one.

Give it away man, and be a blessing to those around you, and be blessed.

Just so ya know, everything ain’t about dollars.

2 Corinthians 9: 6-8
Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

Just something to think about today. And just so you know, my own personal convictions, I am preaching to myself too!

Happy Full Throttle Wednesday ​

<![CDATA[Eat the Dang Ice Cream]]>Tue, 17 Sep 2019 15:44:29 GMThttp://fullthrottleministries.com/full-throttle/eat-the-dang-ice-creamPicture
I shared this with someone I used to know, a while back. I was trying to explain how precious the moment was, how we miss the good stuff, and how drastically things could quickly change. So take to heart.......It’s REAL.

Heading home from Piedmont last night, I stopped for my daily food intake. I had went to visit a friend who turned drastically, deathly ill, in the blink of an eye honestly. While sitting in this drive through, my mind sorta went back a few years ago.

I will absolutely never ever forget a few years back the conversations I had, with a friend concerning life. Talked about living, we talked about dying.

Man we talked about pretty much everything in between too.

She had lost a buncha weight, ended up at Dairy Queen to “celebrate” with family, now she was obviously being funny, but truth is, while everyone else had the good stuff, she had a glass of water.

Very short time later.......massive heart attack, died instantly. Just like that, her life here on earth was over with. I’ll never forget that, and I can’t see a DQ sign, and not think about her, or the lessons I learned that day, as I stood and preached that funeral.

As I sit this morning, wiping the sleep out of my eyes, contemplating life, and all the what if’s of it........So much I want to do, to fill up that empty cup. Still gotta itch I wanna scratch, few empty places in that bucket. But the list is getting shorter, I’ll say that. Sometimes we all are guilty of looking to far down the road, when we truly just need to focus on “the now”.

Sometimes we overthink things, instead of just rolling with it. Some of my best rides in life on this ole Harley was when I just took off. No plan, no agenda, no direction, I just went.

Goes against everything this world tells us as far as planning ahead, planning for all the “what if’s”.

Listen man...........plan, and focus all you want, but when it’s time for you to leave Mother Earth, that’s it, it’s all over here. Plan for eternity, get that relationship with CHRIST right first, that’s the important stuff.

Listen, I’m a little chubby, but I’m gonna eat the ice cream, and I’m gonna enjoy it. And like me, love me, or whatever you want, but physically fit people get dead too, and don’t fool yourself in saying they live longer, car wrecks kill many.

This ain’t our home, it’s all temporary, ain’t none of us getting outta here alive. Seek the LORD and his direction for you, honor HIM, and enjoy the life GOD's given you, for in the blink of an eye it can, and it will be gone.

So maybe today pause for a moment, and rethink a few things. Think about the direction you are heading, and those around you. Learning from the past is ok, just don’t get hung up there.

Don’t miss a opportunity to love, and be loved. Life is a precious thing, and those moments ya just can’t explain ? They sometimes don’t come around twice.......just saying.

So do with it what you will, but for me ? I ain’t gonna eat the whole cake, but I’m gonna have a blame slice, bank on that mr.

Happy Full Throttle Tuesday
James 4:14
Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

<![CDATA[When the Word Don’t Come.]]>Mon, 16 Sep 2019 04:00:00 GMThttp://fullthrottleministries.com/full-throttle/when-the-word-dont-comeBeen here many times. More so lately than ever before. But see, I always go back in my mind and remember what GOD has done for me.

I think of all the things that I really just can’t explain. GOD's ways are for without question not ours, and some things we just may not ever understand this side of heaven. Absolutely everyone has “stuff” going on, they just don’t talk about, Lord knows I sure do. And some of that stuff, it’s just hard to even talk to GOD about.

HE already knows anyway, so you just as well spill it man. LOL.

I look at this made up picture, and cant help but think of the message in it. See, this dude, humbled, all alone, one on one, making some humble attempt to cry out to GOD. There ain’t 15 people all around him, it’s just him.

These past few months I’ve learned more about my prayer life, and getting alone with the Lord than I ever knew possible. Now saying that, it’s came with a heavy cost.

Some folks will never understand that, and will never grasp a hold of why a man would need space and time, to listen to that still small voice of the Lord. Doesn’t mean I don’t love, like, need your friendship, or want help, guidance or direction.

Doesn’t mean that at all, it means I am trying to figure out what the LORD wants me to do next, that simple. I’m to stupid to figure it out in my own.

I’ve always heard how in times of trouble, you find out who your friends are, true that is.

You also get to find out who’s close to the Lord, and who’s playing the game, it’s almost like a gender reveal ordeal. Those actions always tell the tale
So all I am saying is this...........Got some troubles, issues, heartbreak, and unanswered questions going down in your life ??????

You don’t need 3,000 Facebook options, and 15 lunch dates to “just talk about it”.

You need to get alone with the LORD and see what HE has to say, then comes the easiest part of all, you get to WAIT !

Happy Full Throttle Monday😎
<![CDATA[GOD's Time]]>Sun, 15 Sep 2019 04:00:00 GMThttp://fullthrottleministries.com/full-throttle/gods-timePicture
Clock got broke and all.

I still to this day say timing is everything, but that doesn’t always apply. For me to say it’s just not in GOD's time, well it kinda implies that I have a clue what HE thinks, and what HE’s doing, and man I don’t.

We tend to try and take, and make this path of life our own, and somehow interweave the LORD into it, and then say look what GOD did, or didn’t do.

That’s not really how it works at all. From early childhood we are taught to learn learn learn, and plan plan plan, and very little wisdom of trusting in the LORD is poured into a child these days, or even a adult for that matter.

So whatever path of life you are on, I don’t know, that’s between you and GOD, and so is the timing of HIS plans. I can’t figure it all out and ain’t trying to. Just don’t make the mistake of thinking GOD is saying wait kid, when HE’s really saying STOP KID !!!!

Often I think wait means I’m on the right path, but I just need to slow down a little. When in turn, HE’s really trying to tell me I’m not even close to being anyway near the right road at all. Still yet I’ll continue to travel it thinking it’ll all work out.

Prayer & discernment is your guidance in this messed up world, and without one, you’ll never understand the other.

Proverbs 12:28 says that there is life in the path of righteousness, but another path leads to death.

And unless you seek the LORD and HIS direction in the very situation you are in, absolutely none of this will ever make any sense at all.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to tell someone you love them a little bit, ya may not get another opportunity.

Brand new day/Brand new opportunity we have.

Happy Full Throttle Sunday 😎

<![CDATA[Just Like the Wind]]>Fri, 13 Sep 2019 04:00:00 GMThttp://fullthrottleministries.com/full-throttle/just-like-the-wind
Just like seasons, folks seem to come and go, just like the wind.

Some things I’ll just never understand. That’ll always be my biggest struggle I suppose, looking for those answers that just don’t seem exist. Everyone seems to have their reasons as to why, some get shared, some don’t.

Friendships, relationships, best friends, acquaintances, or whatever, after enough sand rolls through that hour glass, it seems they just disappear.

See........we talk about trust, faith, hope, and all this stuff, but we often overlook those circumstances that’ll require us to trust, dig deep, and search for that faith, that just doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight.

And hope ? We just need a tiny sliver it seems, to keep us going.

A dangerous game to play, is trying to hold onto those who the lord is removing from your life. Man, If we could only see GOD's plans HE has for us. I just believe it’s far bigger than we could ever grasp.

So, what I’m getting at is this.........ever stop to think, what if those you love the most are only suppose to be there in your presence for another few minutes, hours, days, or weeks ?

If inturn that was the case, wouldn’t you hold a little tighter ?

Love a little harder ?

Maybe sit and shoot the breeze a littl
e longer ?

Maybe that drive you took, drove a little slow
er ?

And the little bickering wouldn’t have mattered so much looking back huh ?

Man I don’t have the answers. At a few rare moments in my life I thought I did, oh how wrong I was, and apparently I am just oblivious to the way HE works.

But...........it sure keeps me in praying & trusting mode.

I am learning to apprecia
te more and more as I go. I really have no clue what, or who the lord will send into my life in the next seconds, or how long they will hang around, but I promise I’ll try my best to not miss a single moment of the precious life the Lord has given. So as you go this Friday, love on those you know.

It’s amazing the impact we have on people, and haven’t a single clue.

A simple text message, call, or a visit goes a long way. For someday soon they’ll disappear and like the seasons that will certainly change, they’ll be gone too.

To be a blessing most often cost you ZERO.
Happy Full Throttle Friday 😎
<![CDATA[GOD is Good]]>Wed, 11 Sep 2019 04:00:00 GMThttp://fullthrottleministries.com/full-throttle/god-is-goodPicture
I wrote this back in March, it just seemed fitting to share today and all, being it is 9-11.

I don’t always look this rough by the way, sometimes I look way rougher, depending on the crowd I’m going after 😉 
Motorcycles have certainly taken me to some very interesting encounters to say the least. And after 100,000 miles I’ve got some stories to tell man.

Anyway, ya never know who you’re going to meet while out and about doing what I do.
One of our guys approached this dude in general conversation. Was honestly just going to witness to him, share the Lord with him and roll on.

That did happen, but what followed was a story of this mans life, and was just amazing to listen to.

He was a US Marshal, and was in the twin towers when the first plane hit. He and his partner was working that day.

Over the next hour he went on to explain to me in great, deep, deep horrific detail, the horror and his experience of what happened to him that day.

His partner didn’t survive by the way, she died that day. It was a very humbling conversation to have with this man to say the least.

Regardless of what any of us believe of all the reasons why, one fact remains, lots lost their lives that day, but this is one that didn’t. I am blessed to be able to share Christ with him, share my heart, and what I believe as to why his life was spared that horrible day.

So thankful for this encounter, and thankful for Tony approaching him, and starting up a conversation when he did.

GOD is good, always be willing and ready to speak when the Lord prompts. Candles lit, and hammer down Baby.

Happy Full Throttle Wednesday 😎